How does a dog gain the title of Champion?

A dog is granted the title Champion when it has accumulated 100 points at a championship show. The dog's registration papers are reissued and Ch placed in front of their registered name. e.g. Ch Fernfall Annabella.

When a dog is chosen as the best dog or bitch in its breed at a Championship Show, it gains 5 points for winning and one point for every dog it beats over 6 months of age. We say it has won the Dog Challenge or Bitch Challenge on the day.

A maximum of 25 points can be won on any given day at a Championship Show.

The assessment of a dog's compliance with the standard is made by the judge according to how he or she interprets the breed standard. It is important to remember that when you show your dog you are receiving the opinion of that particular judge.

The breed standard for all Golden Retrievers in Australia is the same as that of the English Kennel Club.

To be chosen as the best dog or bitch in a popular breed such as the Golden Retriever, where there are many exhibitors, does not happen by chance and reflects thoughtful breeding, training and handling skills. Because of this, a dog that has won an Australian Title should be a very good representative of the breed in terms of conformation, temperament, coat, colour and type.