Limited registration

Most puppies purchased from us are registered on the "Limited Register" with the Victorian Canine Association (VCA). If you have discussed buying a puppy to show, it will be registered on the "Main Register". Here is a brief explanation of VCA registration.

As concerned breeders, we have taken this step to try to curb indiscriminate breeding practices and to protect our Goldens. However, so that you fully understand, we would like to set out details of what the Limited Register is all about, together with the conditions imposed by our Kennel. Firstly, we confirm that you acknowledge that you have purchased your puppy as a pet and not for breeding purposes. For this purpose, the fact that your puppy is registered on the Limited Register makes no difference at all to you.

A dog on the Limited Register cannot be exhibited at a dog show or have any of its future puppies registered with the VCA. It can, however, compete in official obedience trials.

If in the future (but before the dog is three (3) years old) you feel your dog is a potential show winner or would benefit the breed by producing puppies, it can be transferred to the Main Register of the VCA with the written consent of the breeder. (Transfer fees for this transaction are to be paid by the Purchaser(s).

In order for consideration to be given by us to transfer your puppy to the Main Register, we would require that your puppy is 12 months of age or older and that it is tested for the hereditary defects known to affect the breed at that time. These include hips/elbows, eyes and heart.

Certificates setting out results of these tests must be forwarded to us and these results must be satisfactory to us. Any stud dog that you choose as a prospective mate, or any bitch you breed your stud dog to must also be approved by us and hold satisfactory clearances as above.