Our Puppies - We are no longer breeding Golden Retriever puppies.

We refer you to the Golden Retriever Cllub of Victoria's website where the Puppy Officer can provide you with contact details of those currently breeding litters.

Every resposible breeder should strive to produce puppies which best reflect the breed standard with regard to conformation, temperament, coat, colour and type by careful selection of sires who will complement the bitch's best characteristics.

When we were breeding, puppies would spend the first 8 weeks of their life growing up and being socialised in our home where we would aim for the puppies to be handled by children and adults of all ages, particularly men. All puppies we bred would experience the full range of domestic and suburban noise and were socialised with our young granddaughters, as soon as they are born. Annie, Snowy, Dallas and Shimmer all had litters of puppies and have produced some wonderful family pets.

We want to emphasize the importance of families striving to give their puppies a NEW EXPERIENCE EVERY DAY which would unclude NEW noises both traffic, industrial, animals, and people, smells, sights and to go out at night and experience night sounds and shadows. The more experiences they have in the first 8 weeks after they come to live with you the more confident and happy they will be with any new experience in the future. Prior to their final vaccination, you can still take them in the car to the shops, take them to meet your friends' dogs and to places where you feel confident that dogs will have been vaccinated. Arrange a get together with other young dogs their age.

The video shows Annie with her last litter in early 2011.


This is an old post but this was our philosophy. "Our aim is to find genuine dog-loving families who want to include their dog in all family activities. Puppies need to be trained by their owners to spend time on their own but may not be happy being left alone for hours during the day where barking and destructive behaviours can develop. Please feel free to ask us questions about the breed and their suitability for your family. We encourage you to view the puppies at various ages and are happy to provide any advice on feeding, training and obedience".

We provide new puppy buyers with a personalised 60+ page Bicklewood Manual and CD, which includes photos of your puppy taken in its first 8 weeks. It will also include a copy of the puppy's pedigree as well as that of the dam and sire of your puppy, sale agreement, registration papers, vaccination certificates as well as information on diet, grooming, health issues, crate training and much more. Of course we will be happy to help you with any questions once your puppy goes home.

All puppies not being exhibited, will be registered on the Limited Register. What this means is explained under the heading Puppy Registration.

The Progeny Pages (see Diesel, Riley, Holly and Dallas) show that Annie's puppies have gone on to become much loved family pets, have had success in the show ring and Zeus from Annie's second litter is featured in the GRCV's November 2010 Guns N Sashes newsletter with 1st Place CCD in the GRCV Restricted to Group 3 Obedience Trial.

We reserve the right to select puppies for Conformation shows ahead of those puppies going to loving families, where they will primarily be family pets. All puppies rank equally with us in terms of their care and socialisation; however, we do exercise our experience in matching puppies with their families. Please feel free to discuss this with us when you visit.

Given many families love the company of more than one dog, both for their own enjoyment as well as for that of their dogs, we very carefully consider the ages of other dogs living with the family before agreeing to sell them a puppy. It is our policy NOT to sell two puppies from the one litter to any one family and we would only sell to a family who already own a YOUNG Golden Retriever under very rare circumstances. This decision is based on the best of advice and experience.

Bicklewood Wine N Roses - Snowy (left) is a puppy from Annie's Jan 2011 litter and Finn, Bicklewood Fionnbharr, her litter brother.