Hereditary diseases

We applaud the efforts of dedicated breeders who seek to preserve the breed characteristics and produce healthy, well-socialized puppies. Careful consideration should be given to health issues, temperament, and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes.

Members of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria (GRCV) must have all their breeding dogs tested for known hip, elbow, heart and eye diseases and make this information available to prospective puppy owners. Annual eye testing by a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist is required.

Annie and Keesha have been DNA tested and the accumulation of data in pure breeds will be be used in future to help identify heritable diseases. Dogs who carry genes for diseases such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) will be avoided in matings and so help eliminate known diseases from the gene pool. Buying a puppy from a member of the GRCV will ensure appropriate testing of both the bitch and sire of the puppy.