Golden Retriever Club of Victoria

An attempt was made to register the GRCV in 1966 but the Kennel Control Council, the forerunner of the VCA, turned this down because they did not consider there were sufficient numbers. The second attempt to register the Club a year later, in 1967, was successful.

The club provides a monthly newsletter which outlines the various activities run by the club ranging from conformation shows, tracking trials, gun dog working tests, field trials and obedience shows. The newsletter is a source of information about the breed ranging from health issues to training and diet. The annual subscription fee for membership of GRCV starts at $30 for an emailed newsletter.

The Golden Retriever Club has a new professional, informative website which provides comprehensive information about the breed, results and photos of specialty Golden Retriever Championship Shows and Open Shows under the heading Annual Awards and dates of future events and meetings.