Ian and I take this opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing support and kindness of Jill and Wayne Pearson of Beaucroft Kennels and Jane Fall of Fernfall Kennels. We are not only indebted to them for having bred our two beautiful bitches but also for the knowledge on grooming, training and showing they have generously shared with us.

Jill and Wayne Pearson & Beaucroft Golden Retrievers

Keesha (Beaucroft Undercover Gal) was a special girl we bought at 8 months of age from Jill and Wayne Pearson. She certainly helped fill the gap left in our family when our gentle, handsome beagle Sam died. Thank you so much Jill and Wayne for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful breed. From day one we felt Keesha was meant to come and live with us. She has a very quirky personality and talks to us with special doggy noises.

You will see from their web site that Jill and Wayne are both licenced to judge and award Challenge Certificates to Gundogs (A.N.K.C. Group 3 - some 27 breeds) and at Open Show Level for Hounds (Group 4) and Working Dogs (Group 5).

Jane Fall & Fernfall Golden Retrievers

In October 2004, we bought a companion for Keesha, an 8 week old bitch puppy, Fernfall Annabella (Annie) from Jane Fall. Well, from day one Annie thought she was a big dog like her "sister" and the struggle was on to be able to chase and catch her. What pleasure that was! Before long she was showing Keesha how to swim in the sea; Keesha wants to go there, but no, it doesn't feel safe!

We express our sincere thanks to Jane for showing Annie to her Australian Champion title. Annie won Baby Puppy in Show (GRCV Champ Show 2004) and multiple Minor, Puppy and Junior in Group awards along the way. Jane's knowledge, experience and involvement in the breed over many years is well recognised and we value her ongoing support. .

Golden Retriever Club of Victoria

I would like to acknowledge the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria for information referred to in this website.

Cameron Johnson

Sincere thanks go to our son Cameron who, from the other side of the globe, has been responsible for the creation of this website. Without his encouragement, creativity and support we would not have achieved such a unique result.